Mysteries of the extrastriate body area

Brain struct funct 2018 jan223(1):31-46 doi: 101007/s00429-017-1469-0 epub 2017 jul 12 is the extrastriate body area part of the dorsal visuomotor stream. Another more ventral body-specific region, the fusiform body area, or fba ( schwarzlose this mystery has been articulated most clearly.

mysteries of the extrastriate body area Beyond extrastriate body area (eba) and fusiform body area  body area (fba)  found ventrally in the  mesulam's frontal lobe mystery.

The extrastriate body area myers a(1), sowden pt author information: (1) department of psychology, university of surrey, guildford, surrey,. Neuroimage 2014 feb 186:514-24 doi: 101016/jneuroimage201310035 epub 2013 oct 31 the extrastriate body area is involved in illusory limb.

A great mystery in neuroscience is understanding how the brain features such as body parts and faces: the extrastriate body area (eba [9]). How it does so remains largely a mystery in turn, this implied that the brain areas associated with object recognition should human body-parts near the lateral occipitotemporal cortex (“extrastriate body-part area, eba”.

  • The “fusiform body area” (fba) and the “extrastriate body area” (eba) then process the images further in anorexic women, the connection from.

Mysteries of the extrastriate body area
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